Prelude to Agony

Chapter 2

- The next morning it's the day of the feast, before they departure.
- Chromm is saying goodbye to different people, who are important to him, to get a bit more time with them.
- At one point, he encounters Billy in a alley, who thinks he looks rather sad. And Billy would like to give him a red smile to brighten him up. Gregor is there just in time to save the day.
- They both finish their rounds of goodbyes.
- The feast is succesfull and everybody had a great time. Father Greyflame gives Chromm a letter that they can give to his father in Aerilon, he might help them in a way.
- The next morning the leave with Varian, both Chomm's mother and Gregor's family walked them out of the village. 
- Varian leads them to a nice hidden camping spot, with a huge old statue. The statue depicts one of the old gods.
- In the next week they take a different longe route, to avoid any bandits, to Hollow Point. The nearest village to MArbar Ruin. But inside the village they hear rumors of bandits none the less.
- They go on the road again, and about two days later they see a wounded man walking on the road. Varian knows this as an ambush, but he can't leave the wounded man, since it's his old friend and bodyguard, Michael. They race their cart to him, hoping to pick him up and move away from any troubles. But bandits are already shooting at them. In the battle they hear Varian talking, followed by a big exploding fireball, on two of the bandits. One of the horses gets shot and falls, and Chromm who holds the reins can't control the cart and they all get launched off of it. Michael catches up to them and says it's time to run, which they do.
- Once they are safe, they try to catch their breath, while Michael is getting the arrow out of Chromm's shoulder, millitary style.


the_Immortal the_Immortal

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