Prelude to Agony

Chapter 3

- Chromm asks Varian about the fireball, who tells him it was a scroll. Chromm in return said he could read the symbols. Varian is quite surprised and tells him that he should be able to cast them, with some training, which he would happily give.
- Once the group is rested, they decide to go get their cart back.
- A big fight ensues, and the group is succesfull. Michael has his gear back, and Gregor has a prisoner.
- Gregor interrogates the prisoner and learns that he is not that bad of a man, but decided to pick up banditry out of desperation to feed his family.
- Chromm trains everday with Varian and Michael trains Gregor in fighting.
- The group makes their way to Aerilon, where Varian is going to take care of some business, and Chromm and Gregor go to Lord Greyflame.
- Once Lord Greyflame has read the letter, he gives the a place to sleep, and proper clothes for the road and some gear.
- Gregor goes to his prisoner who he dropped off at his home, and tells him Lord Greyflame might have a job for him.
- Chromm goes to see the blacksmith and asks if he could inscribe the date which they left Marbar Ruin into Gregors spear. He also asks where he could find ruins, and the smith points him towards the slums.
- Once in the slums Chromm get's called over by a short, wide, thick man with a long red bead. A Dwarf, he invites him over to sit with his buddies, and drink Battlebrew, a very strong liqour. When Chromm leaves he get asked by Rurik the Dwarf, if he could bring some letters to Hallaster Greeth, who resides in Northmarch, a place where they should come by on their way. Chromm agrees, and he gets some silver for the troubles.


the_Immortal the_Immortal

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